Rental Policies/Information 

1)  You can place an order online, or over the phone 843-295-0922.  We will arrange any specific details of delivery including time, date and any special requests you may have. 

2)  We deliver the items to your Hilton Head vacation address, NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

3)  We pick up your rental items from vacation address, NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. 

4)  Customers needing assistance with your canopy and chairs on a daily basis, please let us know upon placing the reservation.

5)  Customers will be held responsible for any replacement cost of rented items upon the occurrence of theft or damage.

6)  Sun and Shade Rental Equipment should be secured when not in use and should NEVER be left unattended on the beach.

7)  Please call for assistance if unsafe weather conditions arise.  Winds in excess of 15 mph are deemed unsafe. 

8) Canopies should be set above the high water tide mark for the day.

9) $25 Fee for any orders canceled within 24 hours of delivery date.