Island Life Canopy Rentals is now renting bicycles and we will deliver them to your vacation address. We are now renting all the below bicycles and they can be delivered included with your canopy orders.


ONE DAY $14 | THREE DAY $20 | WEEKLY $27

* offer can’t be applied to any other discounts or promotions. 


Adult unisex beach cruiser. Our most popular beach cruiser rental.

Adult Male Beach Cruiser.

24-inch bike suitable for 9 to 12 years old or anyone under 5’ft 1″ in.

Suitable for a big 4-year-old to a small 7-year-old.

Suitable for a big 7-year-old up to a small 9-year-old.

 For smaller kids, multiple kids, or just a kid that wants to ride in style, we offer the Burley bicycle trailer. Seats two children, and holds up to 100 pounds. It hooks onto the frame of an adult bike, the Burley stays upright. It has a hard plastic bottom and two five-point harnesses for the kids. We recommend the Burley for children over 11 months old due to its upright seating position.

Do you have a  child that is still learning how to ride a bike? Then the AllyCat attaches to the back of a regular adult bike and has a freewheel, so they can pedal or not, depending on their mood. They don’t have to balance, brake, or steer, just hang on.

We offer child seats for no extra charge, mounted on the back of the bikes. The seats hold up to 40 pounds and have five-point harnesses, foot restraints, a bar, and padded seats. We do not rent the seats separately from the bikes.